Seeing is believing with the new Duni Visualiser

The Duni Visualiser is a new app for digital table setting using AR on your mobile. 

Duni Visualiser in numbers

iOS and GooglePlay app
Available on 20 markets
More than 300 products
1000 registered users

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Written by Fredrik Stenson
1 min read

Dream it, see it - the #1 table setting app for professionals

How do you design an app for table decoration that is easy, useful and fun to use? The Duni Visualiser is a new intuitive tool for restaurant pro’s to discover products, plan table settings and work smarter.

To avoid costly guesswork the app uses AR to put everything in place, right in front of the user allowing them to realise their dream settings for their restaurants.


Select products, point the camera and - bingo!

Create stunning table settings in moments. The Duni Visualiser features more than 300 digital products ready to be viewed and put together in AR. It’s a playful and fun way to inspire and engage with both pro’s and customers.

“Duni Visualizer helps us to realize our digital growth plan faster, it’s the #1 digital table-setting app for pros”

Johan Mårtensson, Innovation Manager at Duni


Digital twin, the key to success

The use of Digital Twin enable a comprehensive set of innovative features in 3D - simulate table cloth settings or lamps affects the mood in light or dark room sets. Digital twin bridges the gap between real-life and digital and at the same secures the user experience with latest product data and information.

Experience the Duni Visualiser products in full 3D on desktop, Apple and Android.


Good concept sister

Towel napkin

Shimmer rust

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