Rapid Images welcomes Bes Bujupi and
Tom Wysocki

Rapid Images has recently made two important hires to foster its creative and experience design offer to our current and new client opportunities.

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Written by Anders Claesson Spetz
1 min read

Introducing our new creative team

Bes and Tom come from AKQA Sweden, both having been there for the last 5 years setting up and running creative teams in Gothenburg and Stockholm. Bes will be based at the Gothenburg’s headquarters as ECD tasked with developing our creative and experience design offer. While Tom will help establishing the studio and run all design initiatives as Design Director from its Stockholm presence.

Rapid Images CEO, Anders Claeson Spetz said:

”With Bes and Tom onboard, RapidImages will have strategic advisory services, high-end tech development and creative and content production under the same roof. We know this will be a game changer in the industry and we are happy being the originator for that change!”

Bes and Tom added:

“We are thrilled to be a part of Rapid. We’ve been long collaborators together for the past 5 years working across multiple projects. We are looking forward to lead and grow the experience and creative team at Rapid working with a number of great client opportunities. It’s never been a better time to combine creativity and technology to solve client challenges in this brave new world.”

RapidImages is a group of 90 technologists, artists, creatives and strategists based in Gothenburg. We create experiences that help brands connect to their customers. All of us are driven by technology and creativity. We rapidly accelerate the future for brands through customer experience and technology.

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