Rapid Images welcomes Oliver Edsberger

Rapid Images hires Oliver Edsberger to strengthen the bridge between its customers and its engineering team.

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Written by Anders Claesson Spetz
1 min read

Oliver started mid-April as Key Account Manager at Rapid Images. Based on the results of his Ph.D. thesis, Oliver has started his own (computer graphics) company, which was acquired by Autodesk. There he took responsibility for the VRED product line. Before now joining Rapid he was in charge of the AR/VR unit at HiQ Göteborg. As Key Account Manager now, Oliver will use his extensive experience from both code and business to help deliver outstanding solutions to Rapids customers, big and small.

Rapid Images CEO, Anders Claeson Spetz said:

”Oliver has always been on RapidImages radar – a really skilled developer, business man and not least: a great leader. We are really happy to have Oliver onboard!"

Oliver added:

“I spend my professional life in computer graphics in one way or another, in academia, as a developer, and also from a business angle. So obviously I am excited to join Rapid, a company that is build around computer graphics. Especially I am looking forward to use what I think is my greatest strength: the combination of a deep technical understanding of what we are actually doing and the understanding of all the business matters on the client side."

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