Rapid Images welcomes Jesper Olsson

Rapid Images strengthens its sales operations and is proud to announce and welcome Jesper Olsson as Chief Commercial Officer. Jesper will be responsible for sales leadership, international expansion, product offering and developing and securing great value across all relationships.

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Written by Anders Claesson Spetz
1 min read

Hi Jesper and welcome to Rapid Images, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am really looking forward to taking on this inspiring challenge to offer more customers to experience the power of RapidImages platforms and solutions. RapidImages has achieved tremendous results thanks to its innovational approach and its focus on the customer's business and challenges. RapidImages is now ready to take the next steps on its growth journey and it feels truly inspiring to be part of it.

On our way in to the bright future we always strive to improve and maximise our customer value which our continuously improving sales culture supports.

Anders Claesson Spetz, CEO added:

Rapid Images aggressive growth plan requires great leaders to join the team. Jesper’s commitment and energy will be a valuable part of our ongoing work to improve our product offering and strengthen both existing and new relationships.

If you are interested in how you can be more successful in your online sales, marketing of your products or digitalisation of your customer experience, feel free to contact Jesper today.

Jesper Olsson
phone-call +46 73 088 64 81
mail-icon  jesper.olsson@rapidimages.se

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