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Combating the Corona Virus using Distributed Computing

These are trying times for everyone around the globe, but at the same time it is inspiring to see how people come together to help each other in the best way they can.

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Written by Victor Söderberg
1 min read


Folding@Home is a great initiative and a long-running project that utilizes distributed computing power donated by users around the world to run simulations that ultimately contributes data that helps move medical research forward. Now they are focusing on cracking the code for future vaccines for Covid-19 and RapidImages will be joining them!

As a company we can’t re-tool our production pipeline to produce hand sanitizer or protective gear for emergency workers, but we strongly feel that everyone can find something helpful to contribute with.

From now on the Folding@Home client will be running on our render farm and any minute not spent generating great digital content will be put to good use in aiding with protein folding! We at Rapid are very happy to be able to help out and be a part of this very important work!

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