Bringing flat product photography to life for Jotex

Digitally re-purposing existing content to turning flat product photography into realistic 3D assets. Jotex is a retail brand that isn’t afraid to innovate and adapt, having successfully made the transition from brochure to e-commerce. 

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Written by Victor Söderberg
1 min read

Fast production of product images for eCommerce

One hurdle that faces many product companies is the lack of digital source material for their products, either because it isn’t part of their production method or because they do not have access to that part of the supply chain. RapidImages partnered with Jotex to develop a workflow that re-uses already photographed images of the physical products to create 3D-assets for image production. This enables the fast production of large amounts of images in a serialized way that adds new image types to the product pages and helps boost sales.


Johan Stephan, Studio Manager at Jotex said:

“It’s really interesting to see how we can move fast and scale up or down easily in sizes, shapes and materials. We have already seen an increase in traffic and purchases on products using the new images. The customers have responded very positively, we’ve seen a big bump in ‘clicks’. It has helped us a lot to be able to get more inspiring product images in a short time, sales have really increased.”

Now Jotex wants to expand and enrich the digital experiences for their customers – and a great way to do this in scale is to go digital!

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