Bridging the gap between physical and digital.

Like many actors within the manufacturing industry, SKF’s unique selling point is knowledge about the product, the applications and their customers’ demands. SKF’s products are sold through a dealership network and dealers are using the yearly produced SKF catalogue distributed to all customers, dealers and technical universities around the world.


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Bridging the gap between physical and digital

The e-commerce challenge.

Recently SKF dealers have made great effort digitalizing their operations and have added e-commerce. The new sales channel make the dealers global instead of local. Reaching out globally means potential customers not that well familiar in the products found the dealers – potential customers want quick respond to find the best solution for best possible price. To be able to quickly compare products, visualization of the products are of high importance. Studies have shown that the number of images of a product is highly correlated to the conversion.

Typically the manufacturing industry actors have a huge number of products and parts which means there is no way traditional photos can be used. On the other hand the industry most often have great CAD-data available which is very well structured.



Digital Twin based process development.

RapidImages has together with the client set a standard for the look of the products. By using RapidImages Digital Twin platform combined with client specific development, most of the products and parts can be visualized in high quality formats very quickly.



New images in seconds not months.

Within a couple of minutes, 3 views of close to 90% of all products can be rendered from CAD-data. No manual steps needed. That makes it possible for SKF to be a leading e-commerce actor globally!